Treadmills Improve Medical Work

This is an interesting article talking about how accuracy improved while walking on a treadmill versus sitting or standing.  I think this is another great reason to sit less (in case the fact that sitting kills you wasn’t enough).  

Fidler and Levine’s 2008 paper documented that reviewers who walked while reading cross-sectional CT scans had a 99% rate of detecting lesions with significant clinical importance, compared to 88.9% for reviewers who sat.

The challenge of course is how to incorporate these treadmills into the workplace without causing any type of risk or having people misuse them.  I can see meeting rooms with a group of treadmills for walking meetings.  I’ve seen companies with several treadmill desks that people can use for conference calls or periods of time when they are focused on a task that can be conducted on a treadmill desk.

This will require some education about what activities can be done.  What speed to use the treadmills at without losing accuracy or getting all sweaty.  Perhaps with increased focus on wellness this will takeoff in more companies.  

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