EMD Serono Specialty Digest 10th Edition – A Few Highlights

This is definitely worth a read.  They have it nicely packaged up with a slide deck also once you register.  Here’s a few highlights.

Look at the gap between perceived value and satisfaction with clinical programs offered by specialty pharmacies.




Look at the huge jump in plans to educate physicians.  


Look at the different adherence management strategies.  I’m amazed at the low percentage using an outside vendor but the huge perceived effectiveness.  


Look at some of the benefit strategies that companies are planning to use.



This is an interesting one that shows that companies are really going to focus on controlling specialty benefits in the exchange world in the future.  


This shows the variation in terms of coverage (medical versus pharmacy) for different categories of drugs.


There’s more in the deck and report, but these should be enough to tease you to read more.  




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