Humana – Most Improved In Customer Service Report

I always enjoy Bruce Temkin’s reports and analysis.  He just came out with his latest report on customer service.  

It’s not a healthcare focused report so you have to gleam a few things from his summaries although you can buy the report to see the details by company.  Without doing that, I thought I’d point out a few things from his charts.

1. Humana was the most improved (of all companies) in terms of customer service.  Great job.  Coventry (which was bought by Aetna) had the biggest drop (of all companies) in terms of customer service.  [Perhaps not a big surprise as integrations can always be tough.]


2. As it has in past years, healthcare continues to be at low end of the spectrum in terms of customer service.  While you can divide up the market into pharmacies, physicians, hospitals, PBMs, and insurance companies (with many other players out there), one of the biggest groups which is covered in the survey is health insurance companies.  They fall below airlines and way below other types of insurance companies – i.e., auto / home.


3. Five of the bottom 20 companies he highlights on his blog are all health insurance companies.  [But, you’ll have to click through to see who!]

Seems like a great opportunity for someone to help those and the entire industry to think differently about customer service and consumer engagement.  

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