Leaving The Start-Up World To Join Deloitte Consulting

Several of you have read between my not so subtle hints on the blog.  Several of you have helped me in my search.  But, after 8 years of chasing that elusive start-up and turnaround bug, I’ve decided that going back into the corporate world is going to allow me to better contribute to transformation in healthcare.

I began my career in healthcare in 1999 when I was a manager at Ernst & Young and my mentor was running the managed care practice.  I got to play an exciting initial role which was convincing health plans why the Internet was going to change their business model and why they should have a website focused on members.

That member focused role changed my career path in an exciting way.  I went to a CRM start-up focused on helping health plans with product configuration.  I then ended up going to Express Scripts which at the time acted more like an $8B start-up driving changes in the marketplace. There I worked on lots of consumer facing solutions.  But, as the business grew and I enjoyed the thrill of new challenges, I left to work on my own idea – pharmacy kiosks.  That was 2006.

Since then, I’ve worked on kiosks.  I’ve worked on Business Process Management technology.  I’ve worked on healthcare communications, and I’ve worked on a care management platform.  They’ve all been great learning experiences.  But, as the private equity guys decided to exit my last business, I decided it was time to do something different and stop having to worry about raising money every year.  I actually want to focus on driving change in this very exciting time in the marketplace.  While I went back and forth between line management and consulting, I’ve decided that consulting offers me more of what I want right now.  I get to work across the industry.  I get to work on really complex problems.  I get opportunities to publish thought leadership.  I get to be part of a constant learning environment.  I get to work with great teams both internally and externally.  In short, it feeds my need for constant, new challenges.  And, it allows me to move the family back to St. Louis.

So, starting in August, I’m joining Deloitte Consulting where I’ll be part of their Strategy & Operations practice focused on payers and PBMs.  I’m really excited about it.  I’ve been excited by the people that I’ve met, the references I called about their work, and their approaches towards work-life balance and being part of the community.

I’ve always loved consulting and working with clients.  I think this time rather than being the fresh-faced MBA graduate (that I was at E&Y) that I’m looking forward to bringing a broad set of experiences to the table to help think through the challenges.  I’ll have to capture some of my lessons learned from this past role and share them in another post.  They can build on the prior lessons learned that I’ve shared.

7 Responses to “Leaving The Start-Up World To Join Deloitte Consulting”

  1. Congratulations George,
    I’v enjoyed your blog and hope that you can continue it.
    Best Wishes at Deloitte. Changing our health care system is a mighty big task and I believe “payers” will drive more change than any other stakeholder.
    Bruce Semingosn

  2. George – That’s exciting news and congratulations! Best wishes on a smooth move, a quick transition and for much success at Deloitte. Do you anticipate maintaining or sunsetting Enabling Healthy Decisions? I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and have sincerely appreciated the thoughtful insights you’ve posted. Thank you.

    • Thanks. Keeping the blog up is my hope and plan. I’m sure they’ll be some restrictions as I’ve enjoyed total freedom over the past 7 years. For small companies, any press is great even if I sometimes was more controversial or off topic. I’ve talked about it with Deloitte several times so I’m hopeful to set down some rules and keep the blog going. I personally find it a great outlet to think and keep me connected with people. I often go back to posts to find things I’ve researched before.

  3. Eugene Goldenberg Reply July 21, 2014 at 6:47 am

    Congrats George – best of luck at Deloitte.

    Eugene Goldenberg | Associate
    Cain Brothers & Company, LLC

  4. Congratulations George! I’m sure you will do great things at Deloitte!


  1. Lessons Learned And MVPs | Enabling Healthy Decisions - August 7, 2014

    […] The past few years have been really interesting as I learned more about case management, disease management, utilization management, oncology, kidney care, and many other parts of our healthcare system.  The key is leveraging all of this as I move forward in my new role.  […]

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