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Get SMAC’d (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) and BYOD

I was reading the mHealth Trends and Strategies 2013 by netcentric strategies, and I thought I would share a few things from the report.  Of course, I like the acronym SMAC which I re-used in the title and in a recent presentation.  

  • Mobile phone use for health information reached 75M in 2012.
  • Tablet activity for healthcare reached 29M in 2012.
  • 50% of people will download mHealth applications (prediction).

“mHealth is not a separate industry, but rather it’s the future of a healthcare industry that’s evolving to care for patients differently, putting them first to deliver services better, faster, and less expensively.”  quote from David Levy, MD, Global Healthcare Leader at PwC

  • Only 27% of MD actively encourage patients to manage their own health through mHealth applications.  (problem)
  • 13% of MDs actively discourage mHealth participation.

There is a whole section on remote patient monitoring with some good points about the system and the financial case. There is another section on preventative technology talking about adherence and compliance.  It makes a key point which I believe is that technology will be welcomed by the 7M long-distance caregivers.  

And, if you haven’t heard the term yet – BYOD.  This stands for Bring Your Own Device which is about letting the user chose the device / interface that works for them but being flexible in terms of normalizing the data and using it within the workflow that you develop.  

It’s a good, quick read.  

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