BPM Lessons Learned

So…many of you thought I was going to offer some BPM lessons learned the other day.  Here they are:

  1. If you jump right to technology, you will go backwards and have to do process mapping and/or reengineering.  Additionally, your project will take longer because you don’t understand your metrics and the business side.
  2. BPM done right will cause organizational pushback.  Your adoption strategy is important.  This is traditionally overlooked in most technology implementations but here (whether you do this on paper or in a system) you are telling people how to do things that may have been fairly unstructured before.  You need to think through this.
  3. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.  What I mean by this is don’t abandon what has worked for you in the past.  If you have application development, project management, release management, or change management practices that work, don’t ignore them just because BPM is new.
  4. Real-time ongoing JAD doesn’t work.  I have seen a few companies try to do real-time application development where the users are looking over the shoulders of the developers and trying to make changes.  Just because you can do this – don’t.
  5. Take action and divide your objectives into bite-size chunks of work.  Don’t take on an end-to-end process that spans the globe and touches 5,000 people.  Understand the big picture and fix the key pain points in the process.
  6. BPM technology will make you think about SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).  And, having SOA will make BPM easier.
  7. Just because there is a better way is not a reason to change.  Focus on the business case…document the current state…and capture the actual results.
  8. Find an internal evangelist at a high enough level to support your efforts.  (always a good thing)
  9. No one (vendor or consultant) can provide everything you need.
  10. Simulation doesn’t exist (that I have seen demonstrated to show value).

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