Picture is worth a thousand words (at least)

As a former architect, I am a big believer that pictures have significant value in the business world.  I have been asked dozens of times to take complex ideas and simplify them down to a single-frame image that people can post in their cube or use in a meeting.  These images can be powerful.

At Express Scripts, we choose to take on the battle of moving market share from Lipitor to Zocor a few years ago.  This was set up to save clients and patients billions of dollars as the Zocor patent expired.  We had a list of 50 ideas which we paired down to 30.  The challenge was how to get people to think about and rally around the 30.  I came up with what was initially called the “bubble chart” which showed the 30 ideas in swim lanes and then time-mapped horizontally against key milestones.  This became used everywhere and even presented to the street.

This is important to BPM in several ways:

  1. If BPM is to be transformational, you need a future state vision that can be captured and disseminated across the company.
  2. If process mapping is part of your communication strategy, a simple to understand process map is critical.

I started thinking about this when I received an e-mail newsletter from BentonsEdge which is a company that helps you frame out your value proposition.  I have met with Dan Davison, the CEO, several times.  He seems to have a great process and good understanding of helping clients get to a simple story about their value proposition.

One example is below.  It is a little busy, but it captures all the complexities of raising capital in a one-page slide which is amazing.



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