Health Balance Sheet

I was doing some research on Guardian the other day when I ran across one of their products called “The Living Balance Sheet”.  This is a web-based, dynamic tool to help you organize, simplify and monitor your financial life.

This made me think…why not have this for healthcare.  In one sense, the Personal Health Record is meant to do this.  (I like the example from ActiveHealth).  In another sense, that only covers the organizing and simplifying part.  I don’t think that PHRs (myPHR, ihealthrecord, Misys, etc.) are meant to mine the data and push information to you.  Their original objective was not to be a virtual coach (from my understanding).

But, this is the opportunity.  Put lots of data in one place.  Add inteligence.  Add the ability to learn.  Blend in best practices.  Begin to weigh options based on costs and quality and possibly impact on your quality of life.

Wouldn’t it be great to log in somewhere and see how you were doing?  Are you making good choices?  How do you compare to your peers?  How can you improve?  Eventually, this could even link into clothes or other objects that push data real-time to the system.

SCENARIO: John – Thanks for logging in.  It appears your blood sugar is high.  You normally have a 10% spike every day at this time, but today you spiked 20%.  We have pulled together a personalized diet plan for you.  This should give you the nutrients required while also keeping your blood sugar low.  Some other options you might evaluate are…  And, if interested, we have benchmarked your  experience with diabetes versus others within your age group.  This can be sorted by geography, income, and other metrics if interested. 

Understanding what to do and its impact on your overall health would be great.  I remember using an interactive tool years ago that told you how old you were based on exercise, smoking, etc.  It was called RealAge.  Having a “score” about your health (e.g., BMI) would be a great Health Balance Sheet.

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