Benefits and Behavior

I found another interesting thing recently when I was looking at Guardian. It is a report called “Benefits and Behavior: The Voice of American Business Owners and Benefit Decision Makers Today” (register and download here). It has some interesting facts about how companies of different sizes look at wellness and benefits.

“82% of small employers, 90% of midsize employers and 99% of large employers see value in implementing wellness programs. Yet only 57% of the small businesses that value wellness programs have implemented some type of plan. This is compared to greater adoption in larger companies: 79% of the midsize businesses and 90% of large businesses that value wellness programs have one in place.”

“68% of small employers, 78% of midsize employers and 69% of large employers want their insurance carriers to play a role in helping their company implement wellness and prevention programs to help reduce absenteeism and healthcare costs.”

“Larger companies (82%) widely believe that it is important to tailor their benefits package to meet the needs of individual employees. However, small (59%) and midsize (55%) companies are significantly less likely to agree.”

“Small (41%) and midsize (45%) employers are significantly more likely to accept the idea of a one size fits all benefits package, compared to larger companies (17%).”

“When asked to rate the seriousness of various business challenges, controlling medical costs was rated the biggest challenge by all business sizes — small businesses gave an average rating of 7.3 on a ten-point scale, mid size business averaged 7.6 and large businesses averaged an 8.2.”

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