Healthcare Transparency

If you don’t read The Healthcare Blog, you should.  It is certainly one of the best collections of information out there.  I constantly monitor it to see what interviews or opinions they have.

This morning I found a link to another blog which talked about Healthcare Transparency.  This is a fascinating topic especially since we talked a lot about this in the PBM world.  Brian Klepper (the blogger) presents a good discussion around a couple of key points (said in my words below):

  1. Transparency is only legitimate if everyone understands what’s in the black box whether that is a quality calculation, outcomes data, cost information or any other issue.
  2. We have to be pushing for data access so that people can make informed decisions and drive volume to the best value providers (quality/cost) that meet the standards of care.

There has always been a lot of push back from the large companies or individuals about revealing quality information or cost information.  That is what consumerism is about.  Think about mutual funds.  You know their positions, why they make decisions, their objectives, how much the fund manager is paid, etc.

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