Pharmacists on Prescriptions (and OTCs, etc.)

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to learn about  This is a website by pharmacists to provide consumer information about drugs, OTCs, and other products.  Certainly, for those practicing pharmacy (versus in the ivory tower), they should have some good first hand experiences to share with patients.

I think about when I first started seeing advertisements for Alli (diet drug).  When I asked a pharmacist about it, he said it was great as long as you eat no fat.  He said you couldn’t make it from taking one bite of a McDonald’s hamburger in your car into the bathroom at McDonald’s fast enough to avoid an accident.  Doesn’t sound appealing to me.  Why not just give up fat?

I wonder if we will ever see a MDWiki (somebody already has the URL).  These collaborative tools are great for allowing people to share information with the general public.  Hopefully, they have the right disclaimers so they don’t ever have some frivolous lawsuit because I think consumerism is only going to take off when information is generally available with some quality assurance process.  We need to trust the information but have it relayed to us in straightforward, non-legalese.

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