Influencing Your MD

After posting the note on Sermo yesterday, I began wondering about a patient’s ability to influence their physician.  The best study I have seen on this topic was around Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) advertising on brand drugs.  The FDA did a study a few years ago that showed how that information influenced the physician-patient relationship.  It is a good read (if you like studies).

But, what do you do when you know about some type of online resource for your physician?  Can you influence them to go out and research your disease state?  Will you even push your physician on his or her knowledge?

I think this is definitely influenced by generational issues.  This is a sweeping generalization, but I generally see older people have more deference towards people like physicians.  I think some of that is beginning to change as people bear more costs and responsibility for their healthcare.  But, younger people (who are not the sick ones generally) have a greater willingness to challenge those in authority (good and bad).

We faced this issue a lot at Express Scripts in trying to drive generic drugs and mail order.  Eventually, we created a “Physician Kit” that the patient could complete online and print to take to their physician.  It was presented by the physician, but it had the backing of the provider. 

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