Mini Clinics: Taking Off?

I can’t weigh in on the quality of care issue that surrounds the mini-clinics that are popping up all over the country (but here are a few facts). But, from a convenience perspective, I like the concept. They still aren’t open enough hours for me. Why not focus on 5-9am and 5-11pm which always seems to be when things go wrong.

I came across a good article with some facts on the trend from 8-11-07:

  • 7% of people have tried a clinic
  • There are 400 today in the US – projected to go to 700 by the end of 2007 and 2,000 by the end of 2008
  • 40-50% of clinics accept insurance from companies like Humana, United, and Aetna

There is even a Convenient Care Association that you can go to learn about the industry.

At the Health Business Blog, David mentions a site called where you look up the nearest clinics. At least I think it is supposed to. It crashed for me multiple times.

One Response to “Mini Clinics: Taking Off?”

  1. The Healthcare311 site is a good start but somewhat primitive. I gave the owners some feedback (e.g., making the functionality more like a store locator) and they assure me they are working on it.

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