Facts from Medco’s Drug Trend Report

Medco DTR CoverI had the opportunity to read Medco‘s Drug Trend Report yesterday on the plane.  I have read Express Scripts many times (and helped write and edit several sections).  I saw several graphs I thought you might find interesting on the general market.

Healthcare Costs - Medco DTR

 HC Trends

 Util by State - Medco

2 Responses to “Facts from Medco’s Drug Trend Report”

  1. George Van Antwerp Reply August 23, 2007 at 6:43 am

    I suspect from the notes on the image that it is between investment and other.

  2. I wonder where in Figure 1 medical device spend is lumped – the money spent on MRI machines, diagnostic equipment, etc. That it’s not broken out means it’s effectively hidden somewhere.

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