JD Powers Cust Sat Study – Pharmacy

I saw a summary of this JD Powers report in the medcoExtra (internal weekly publication).  I think the data is interesting so here is what they reported:

  1. 6,500 participants (500 seniors) were surveyed on overall experience, loyalty, choice, and purchase behavior
  2. Highest levels of satisfaction were found at mail order where 71% were either “delighted” or “pleased”.  The second highest went to supermarkets.
  3. Mail order included Medco, Caremark, Express Scripts, drugstore.com, Precision Rx, RxSolutions, Walgreens Health Initiatives, Walmart, Cigna, Pharmacare, and RiteAid.
  4. Medco ranked third based on client satisfaction behind Caremark and Pharmacare.
  5. Consumers responded that convenience – time to fill, ease of ordering, and ease of contact – as the most important factor in overall satisfaction.
  6. Ranked second was “store layout” which means website design, IVR, etc. (for mail order).
  7. Some people didn’t realize that you could speak to a pharmacist at mail. (communication)
  8. The survey confirmed that some people don’t take advantage of mail because they don’t understand the process or the reasons to use it.  (communication)
  9. 5% of patients said they had a problem, but the majority of those were around long waits or unfilled prescriptions.  9% of the 5% said the problem was related to quantity or dosage.

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