Getting People’s Attention


No, I am not taking money to do advertising.  After seeing this Comcast advertisement on TV about 3 times, I finally got what they were trying to say.  Some made up word of “televisiphonernetting”.  In the commercial, there is a guy talking on the phone while web surving and watching TV.  The grandfather is trying to talk to him with no luck.

This is a good reality to think about when trying to communicate with consumers.  We are consumed by our busy lives and always multi-tasking.  Finding the right medium, timing, and message to get them to give you 10 seconds of time is difficult.

In healthcare, we have lots of opportunities to touch the patient.  The key is doing it around an event.  They are engaged for a brief period of time around a visit to the doctor or getting a prescription or going to the lab.  If you can trigger messages that are targeted to their situation and timely, they will engage.  General educational messages that aren’t personalized or timely often fall on deaf ears.

One Response to “Getting People’s Attention”

  1. This is a great idea. Anything that engages the consumer in their own care is a definite improvement. It also will result in improved consumer satisfaction…….few feel that the health care system is consumer service-oriented.

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