Mashup Idea – Twitter + Telemedicine + Second Opinion

I spoke a little on Mashups the other day in my Geekipedia entry, and I was thinking about it yesterday while I ran.

Here are the concepts that could come together:

  • Realtime blogging through Twitter
  • Telemedicine especially around remote monitoring and access to experts
  • The need for quality assurance in healthcare for complex or even routine procedures
  • Transparency and the need to expose more to the patient
  • Voice to text
  • Intelligent data mining and algorithms

The specific example that came to my mind was when a complex surgery is being done by a surgical team with little experience and where the procedure takes hours.  The team could talk through the process and a voice to text program could document all of what they said.  The text could then run through an algorithm looking for key words or phrases.  Depending on what was being said, it could be sent to a team for QA or to provide a second opinion real-time.  Additionally, it could be sent to the family to keep them up-to-date on progress.

There would need to be a lot to build this out, but I could see a lot of advantages to it.  Just a thought.

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