PHR as a Chip

I am sure some people think of this as a crazy notion.  Would this ever happen?  What are the implications?  What is the value?

People getting “chipped” seems scary to a lot of people.  But, an intelligent chip that could collect body information – weight, blood pressure, etc – and feed it to a PHR (personal health record) seems pretty interesting to me.  Even simply having a chip that could be read and used to identify you if you were unconscious or dead or unable to identify yourself seems valuable.

I have seen John Halamka talk briefly about his chip live, but I was glad to see that he has a whole entry about it on his blog “Life as a Healthcare CIO“.  It is a good read of the pros and cons. 

One Response to “PHR as a Chip”

  1. Agreed! I can’t wait to more ERs and Ambulabces are equipped with the scanners nationally.

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