A few recent entries on other blogs

It is always important to see what others are writing about on their blogs. There are now almost 700 healthcare blogs tracked by eDrugSearch. (Just 6 months ago, I think it was only 400.) Here are a few recent posts worth reading.

The main value of transparency is not necessarily to enable easier consumer choice or to give a hospital a competitive edge. It is to provide creative tension within hospitals so that they hold themselves accountable. This accountability is what will drive doctors, nurses, and administrators to seek constant improvements in the quality and safety of patient care. So, even if we can’t compare hospital to hospital on several types of surgical procedures, we can still commend hospitals that publish their results as a sign that they are serious about self-improvement.

    • On DiabetesMine, there is a great summary of all the things that have happened around this disease in 2007.
    • It’s not healthcare specific, but Seth Godin’s entries are always interesting.  Read this one about what you did in the past and grabbing opportunity.  It should help you set a positive outlook for 2008.
    • A new blog that I recently started following is called Enterprise Decision Management.  Here is one entry on Business Intelligence 2.0.  He has lots of great entries that I will elaborate on later.  This approach is core to creating an intelligent healthcare communications strategy.
    • The Hospital Impact blog has a nice entry on 2007: A Year in Review.
    • On the Health Business Blog, David talks about “shopdropping” which is a retail activity where people leave things at stores (i.e., reverse shoplifting).  Interesting.
    • John quotes a study on the eHealth blog that says that 39% of physicians are e-mailing patients.  I find that amazing.  I have never heard of a physician doing this.
    • On Hospital Marketing, there is an entry on Hospitals in Facebook which makes the point about healthcare being behind and not thinking creatively about how to use new media.  I would like to see some discussion there on the topic, but there hasn’t been any yet.

    Just a few other blogs to check out.

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