EDM, Gartner, and Event Driven Communications

I mentioned the EDM (Enterprise Decision Management) Blog a few weeks ago. James Taylor has a post out there today about Using EDM to deliver event-based marketing. Those of you that know me or have been reading the blog for a while know that this fits into what I talk about perfectly. It involves decomposing a process into its key tasks, understanding the rules behind the process, determining data events that can be used to identify opportunities, and then executing a coordinated communication process.
He references a Gartner publication with the following abstract:
“Successful event-triggered marketing is a process of identification, categorization, monitoring, optimizing and executing. Marketers that do this right will see their marketing messages receive up to five times the response rate of nontargeted push messages.”
He also talks about key considerations such as rules, analytics, predictive modeling, champion/challenger, and multi-modal.

One Response to “EDM, Gartner, and Event Driven Communications”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out. I have been busy posting a series on customer service/customer experience that your readers might enjoy at http://smartenoughsystems.com/wp/2008/01/14/edm-and-a-21st-century-customer-experience/

    Author, with Neil Raden, of Smart (Enough) Systems

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