Handwriting Analysis

This has always been a topic that fascinates me.  Learning from someone’s handwriting.  So I liked seeing a cliff note summary of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Handwriting Analysis by Sheila Lowe in Spirit Magazine.  I am not sure I would be ready for this to be part of an employment process although I have taken personality tests such as Myers-Briggs (test yourself here) before.

Here are a couple of the items on handwriting:

  • Balanced margins; clear spaces between words = ability to plan ahead
  • All the letters connected in every word = logical thinker who enjoys debating to the point of nitpicking
  • Abrupt breaks between letters = person who jumps to conclusions without the benefit of logic
  • Large letters = loves the spotlight
  • Small letters = finds more satisfaction in working then socializing
  • Lots of rounded letters = outgoing person
  • Straight lines and angles = aggressive person who pushes hard for what they want
  • Lots of loops and close spaces between words = big imagination and need for social contact
  • Few loops and wide spaces between words = intellectual loner
  • Thin writing with illegible words = creative genius OR slippery character
  • Hidden personality traits are seen in the lower loops of letters g, y, f, p, and z):
    • Moderately wide loop =  welcomes a variety of experiences
    • Skinny loop = sticky to what they know
    • Extremely wide loops = bragger who doesn’t follow through
  • The upper loop slant measures emotional responsiveness:
    • Extreme right slant = emotionally explosive
    • Moderate right slant = warm and responsive
    • Vertical = cool headed
    • Left slant = friendly on the surface but hard to get to know

Now, I know you are dying to go look at your writing and see what it says about you.

One Response to “Handwriting Analysis”

  1. I’m delighted that you read my article in Spirit. What’s really important to understand is that no one piece of handwriting means anything when viewed out of context. In other words, it’s important to look at the whole writing and see how everything works together. Oh, it’s too complicated to explain here. What I really wanted to say is, thousands of companies large and small do use handwriting analysis in the hiring process and believe me, they wouldn’t keep pouring money into it if it didn’t work. It correlates very well with Myers Briggs and other tests.

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