Overload: Why We Don’t Pay Attention

Why don’t people read your messages and respond to marketing activities or even educational materials.  Overload.

With the average white-collar worker receiving 140 e-mails a day, being booked in meetings for hours, getting numerous voicemails, spending an average of 87 minutes a day in the car,  getting traditional mail, and (of course) trying to work and spend time with their family and friends, there isn’t much bandwidth left over.  You could argue this is a reason to be creative and spend a lot on branding.  You could argue this is a reason to make your messaging concise and to the point.  As most bosses I have had would argue, this is a reason to make your communications deliver value.

  1. Tell them who you are (branding).
  2. Tell them why you are contacting them (value).
  3. Then, if their still reading or listening, tell them very clearly what you need them to do.

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