NPS: The Most Important Metric You Might Not Use

NPS = Net Promoter Score = % of promoters – % of detracters

When working on my webinar on retention and how to improve loyalty, I stumbled upon this metric. I had used it informally without realizing there was a branded metric out there. You can get certified in it. There are entire conferences dedicated to it. It is featured in the book – The Ultimate Question. And, there are several blogs which focus on it.  [Boiling it down…it means asking customers whether they would refer you to a friend.]

Here are some scores from the top performing companies:

USAA 82%
HomeBanc* 81%
Harley-Davidson 81%
Costco 79%
Amazon 73%
Chick-Fil-A* 72%
Ebay 71%
Vanguard 70%
SAS 66%
Apple 66%
Intuit 58%
Cisco 57%
Federal Express 56%
Southwest Airlines 51%
American Express 50%
Commerce Bank 50%
Dell 50%

Not too surprising, but there weren’t any healthcare companies on this list.

So, are you capturing this today?  This is a simple predictor of loyalty and satisfaction.

One Response to “NPS: The Most Important Metric You Might Not Use”

  1. George, NPS is starting to see adoption in the health care industry. I believe both Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Ascension Health are measuring NPS. There are probably many more… however, it’s important to see Net Promoter as a complete management discipline rather than just a metric. The companies that are getting results and adopting a management model, not just tracking a metric.

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