Who is the health care consumer?

I guess it gets to the question of how you refer to people in healthcare.  Are they individuals?  Are they patients?  Are they members?  Are they customers?  Are they consumers?

I was talking with an MD yesterday who asked me what I thought to the question “who is the consumer in health care?”.  I clearly think it’s the patient.  He thought it was the providers as they were deciding what goods the patient should buy.  I was surprised.  I could have said it was the payor, but I never would have said the provider is the consumer.

Some of it’s perspective, but some of it is definition.  I think if you add copays plus over-the-counter spend plus spend on things like alternative medicine and gym memberships then it is a lot bigger question that simply who pays claims.  It’s a key question.  if you can’t determine who’s the consumer, it’s going to be hard to agree on the strategy.

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