Doctors Won’t Trust PHRs

One step forward and two steps backwards is my reaction to this comment…if it’s true.

Steve Leiber — who runs Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, the trade group for health IT — told the WSJ Health Blog that physicians won’t trust PHRs.  As John Sharp mentions on the eHealth Blog, this points to the need for PHR certification especially around data sources (i.e., payor claims data, patient self-reported).

Wow.  I just assumed that was part of any legitimate PHR.  I have asked the question of several vendors and always thought I got the answer that you could tell where the data came from.  I would certainly think some data in an emergency situation is better than none especially if you have some understanding of the source and date of the information.

If PHRs just become a tool for patients with no use in the medical community, they are doomed for extinction or will simply be marginalized.  We need solutions that bring us together.

One Response to “Doctors Won’t Trust PHRs”

  1. Isn’t Sure Scripts certifying and recommending PHRs for pharmacist and physician use?

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