Surgery To Make You Taller

I read about this years ago, but I am still amazed by it.  Did you realize that there is limb lengthening surgery that you can undergo to grow taller?  And, that you can do it cosmetically?  It basically involves cutting your legs, breaking the bones, and then over months slowly stretching them by turning screws in braces in your legs.

A friend of mine told me that his cousin who is a surgeon in the US has even done it to make someone shorter so that they could do some undercover work.  That is dedication to your job.

Imagine, if you will, a surgeon breaking your leg bones in four places, then attaching a steel scaffold frame to the outside of your limbs with metal pins jutting into your bones.

Every day for months you rotate screws attached to the pins in your legs. There are many moments of excruciating pain and the constant worry of infection. After that there is a grueling regimen of physical therapy. (ABC News)

Here are a few articles:

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