Drugs Down. Gas Up. Food Up.

With most of our good going up.  According to CNN, I heard them say this morning that gas is up $0.60 per gallon in the past year and earlier this week, they said that food is up 35% in the past year.  (Neither of these are scientific, but they make the point.)

That makes me wonder how our impression of price changes.  Will we become less price sensitive as we get used to higher prices on everything.  A friend of mine told me that when they had a global meeting the people from Europe were commenting about how great it is to come to the US where taxes are low and gas is cheap.  It’s all a matter of perspective.

So, with most things going up, I found this press release from Express Scripts interesting:

Last year marked the first time in at least five years that consumers paid less, on average, in their prescription drug copay, according to the 2007 Drug Trend Report released by pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts. The average copay dropped 25 cents to $13.20 even as the average total cost of a prescription rose from $55.01 to $55.93.

Express Scripts attributed the average copay decrease to greater use of generic drugs, saying in the report that consumers saved an average of $15 per prescription each time they moved from a brand to a generic.

Where $15 was once a big deal, will that need to be increased over time to have the same effect as the price of goods increases?  My dad still talks about seeing movies for $0.10, but we know those days are gone and a dime doesn’t buy much any more (if anything).

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