Pavlovian Response To Sound

We recently got a new dog (a Tibetan Terrier), and we decided to start training the dog using the clicker method.  I kiddingly commented that it would be great to have something like this to train people.  Apparently there already is such a method, and it can be used as a teaching method for autistic children (for example) along with sports training.

Basically, clicker training is an audio reinforcement for positive behavior…think whistle with dolphins.  TAG Teach is a website where you can learn more.

What I found interesting is how to link this in with sonic branding and the Pavlovian response concept.  Could I create an audio sound that drove behavior?  For example, I have my dry cleaning dropped off and picked up at my house.  They use an automated call to remind me to set it out.  All I have to do is pick up the phone and hear the voice.  Once that happens, I know what to do and hang up on the call.

TAG stands for Teaching with Acoustical Guidance and uses a sound marker to indicate correct performance.

The TAG refers to the distinctive sound made to mark or “TAG” a moment in time. This sound becomes an acoustical binary message, a sort of “snapshot” that is quickly processed by the brain.

A TAG means “yes.” Absence of a TAG means “try again.”

The student no longer has to perform a time-consuming language analysis while attempting complicated movements. The immediacy and clarity of the feedback allows the student to form a mental picture of the movement or position.

TAG points are the individual pieces of a desired response action or position. Students receive a TAG (the click sound) when the points are correctly performed.

The set up for a golf swing may have TAG points for grip, body position, foot placement, and club placement. The swing component may have TAG points for hand, arm, and club position at the top and end of the swing, TAG points for leg position, arm position, and weight transfer during the swing. With a beginning golfer a limited set of key TAG points are defined and executed individually. With an experienced golfer a diagnosis is performed and TAG points are identified based on technique errors requiring correction.

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