Express Scripts Jumps Into Worker’s Compensation

Express Scripts has been in the Worker’s Compensation space for years now.  As I suggested several months ago (see #2), buying a worker’s compensation PBM makes some sense.  The margins are good, but it does require a different service model.

That being said, they jumped in last week with the announcement to buy the worker’s compensation PBM business from MSC down in Florida.  It would have been intriguing to see them buy the other ancillary business that MSC has to get their footprint a little bigger.  Now, this can go from being someone of a stepchild for Express Scripts to a major business unit.  As Joe Paduda points out in his blog post, they have good teams at both organizations so they should be able to make some things happen in the market with a focused team, financial resources, and some efficiencies.

Given that fact that PMSI has been on the block, this may create a reason for a Coventry or a CypressCare to step in and buy them to gain more marketshare to take on Express Scripts.

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