Which Bathroom To Use?

I finally found a few minutes to post.  It has been a good, busy week.

On the radio this morning, they were having a debate about what a man should do when taking their young daughter to the bathroom.  I didn’t even realize it was an option.  Unisex bathrooms are an obvious solution, but what about when you only have a men’s room and a women’s room.  Don’t you just go to the men’s room?

Apparently, some people don’t.  Several women called in and said they would rather their husbands take their girls into the women’s room.  More sanitary.  No potential exposure issues (i.e., urinals).  And, several men said that they do it by simply knocking and announcing that a man is coming in with his daughter.

I couldn’t help but comment.  I have always taken my daughter to the men’s room with no incidents that I know of although a few times when it was dirty and we went somewhere else.

One Response to “Which Bathroom To Use?”

  1. As the father of a young daughter (and soon another) I am ALWAYS with a pack of anti-bacterial wipes – the ones for cleaning bathrooms.

    Then when I have no choice but to take her into a men’s restroom, I use 1-2 wipes to fully wipe down the toilet to make it clean for her.

    Never be without wipes.

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