8 in 8: Michael Phelps Wins The Gold

What great motivation for a generation of people. First, you have Dara Torres winning 3 silver medals at the young age of 41. She shows us all how you can be a semi-normal person with a family and still compete at this level. (I say semi-normal since I don’t know if she has a nanny and other staff helping her or is independently wealthy and doesn’t need to work and can train all day…but I don’t think she is.)

Next, you have Michael Phelps winning 8 gold medals to increase his total and become the first one to win 8 golds in an single competition. (Not to mention the fact that he is a University of Michigan alumni like me.) I am sure a few people will be thrown off by the 12,000 calories he eats per day…don’t try this at home.

I think it’s also interesting that Michael has ADD/ADHD.  (Here’s a site that lists several famous people with ADD/ADHD.)  I think there is one good article which talks about his Hyper Focusing on swimming which is a common ability of people with this disease.  In this case, he has harnessed it very positively.

There are several motivations that people can take from the Olympics not least of which should be to get up and be active at any age.

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