12 Minutes Of Exercise = 4 Hours Of Exercise

After using a bunch of elliptical machines and other equipment, I have been trying to figure out the “fat-burning” zone on these machines.  Is that where I am supposed to keep my heart rate when I work out?  I feel like I am not even moving.

My wife found a good video for me last night that talks through burst training versus endurance training.  It draws an interesting parallel of whether you would rather be a sprinter or a marathoner.  Compare the two.  Sprinters as with some other athletes don’t do endurance training, but they do very intense training.

Of course, if you want to race, you may need to do both types of training to both lose weight but also build up endurance.  But, the video makes a convincing arguement for losing weight through burst training.  And, who wouldn’t rather exercise for only 12 minutes per week vs. 4 hours per week.

One Response to “12 Minutes Of Exercise = 4 Hours Of Exercise”

  1. Personally, I have shed more fat (30 pounds over 2 years) and got more definition (I’m back to having abs and pecs which I haven’t had since I was about 22 years old) via:
    1. Interval training (essentially burst)
    2. Functional fitness approach to weights (see http://www.monkeybargym.com – I think these guys are fab)
    3. Eliminating booze and dairy from my diet

    I guess I’m trying to say that after years of jogging and swimming for ages – endurance training – I never saw the results I have over the last two via high intensity burst, and intelligent weights.

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