No Man Left Behind

According to an interesting article in Fortune a few months ago, apparently men are losing ground from the classroom to the boardroom. It ask a few questions and talks about a new book – The Decline of Men.

* If the playing field is level, why are so many men tripping up and dropping out?
* Why have they failed to keep up not only with women but with the higher competitive standards of the global marketplace?

It throws out some facts:
* Women earn 60% of all college degrees
* Only 35% of men age 18-24 believe their prospects will improve greatly in the next 5 years (vs. 45% of women)
* 46% of men age 18-24 say they have already met or exceeded their career expectations (vs. 28% of women)
* Women ages 21-30 earn 117% of men in the same age group
* 13% of men between the age of 30-55 are not working (13%)

The article goes on to talk about women’s networking skills and social skills giving them an edge in the service industry and because women tend to know their customers better.

This change could play out in the way people communicate, brands are represented, companies provide benefits, and many other aspects. I guess it points out the need for evolution.

I was definitely surprised by the statistics.

The Decline of Men is a wake-up call to this distressing state of affairs. As award-winning journalist Guy Garcia reports, rather than working hard to achieve top grades or a promotion at work, too many American males squander their energy tracking their fantasy football league scores or mastering the latest video game. Men drop out of school at a far higher rate than women and are far likelier to die early because of poor health habits. Even the male Y chromosome is said to be at risk of disappearing altogether one day.

One Response to “No Man Left Behind”

  1. While I do not deny the statistics you posted, let’s not extrapolate the flawed conclusions regarding the gender, as the etiologies are speculated for the cause of these numbers at this point.

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