What’s Your “Age”?

We were talking about this the other night at a New Years Party. There are now several ways of assessing your “real age”. Of course, you have the actual calendar showing days, months, and years that have passed since your birthday, but is that a fair assessment of how your body is really aging.


Without getting philosophical, I think these are some fun tools that assess your age that give you some directional indication. [Hint…It’s always better to be younger!]

1 – Your RealAge is a test that looks at 125 different factors to assess how you are aging. It takes into account diet, exercise, relationship, stress, and lots of other facts. It is an interesting test. (I was 3 years below my calendar age.)

2 – Your Wii Age is an assessment on the Nintendo Wii that looks at your flexibility and a few other factors based on how you respond to a test you can do each day. (I have taken it several times, but at best, I got to 14 years below my calendar age.)

3 – Your BrainAge is a game that provides exercise for your brain. It is made for the Nintendo DS. (I have never played this.)

4 – Your LifeTime Fitness Age is based on free assessment they provide members. I just did it the other day where they looked at my heartrate on the treadmill, a strength test, a flexibility test, and looked at my weight and body fat. (Happily, I was 6 years below my calendar age.)

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