A Single View of the Member

Do you dream of being treated as one consistent individual across a company?  Wouldn’t it be nice if they knew every communication they sent to you – letters, calls, e-mails – and knew every communication touch you had with them – webpages visited, faxes, inbound calls, e-mails?  Unless someone can tell me different, this is still a dream world at most companies and maybe more than a dream at most healthcare companies.  (It’s even more complicated if you start thinking about all the touches by the health players – hospitals, clinics, MDs, disease management companies – and integrating them.)

All that data could help paint a much better picture of each individual if blended with outcomes data.  Who responded to what?  When did they respond?  What did they do?  How did it vary by condition?  How did it vary by gender?  By age?  What can you use to predict response rates? (I.e., the key here is having data transparency, easy to access data, and the ability to mine and analyze the information.)

There are so many variables that it can be overwhelming.  That’s why I found the discussion around Campaign Management 2020 by Elana Anderson and then commentary by James Taylor interesting.

“we can dream of technology that supports fully automated marketing processes and black box decisioning, tools that simplify marketing complexity and support collaborative, viral, and community marketing” (Elana’s blog entry)

This really gets at the heart of some of the fun projects we are working on these days at Silverlink Communications with our clients where we are bringing Decision Sciences to healthcare and helping clients optimize their engagement programs, retail-to-mail, brand-to-generic, HEDIS, and coordination-of-benefits (among dozens of other solutions).  Helping clients layout a strategy, define a process, develop a test plan, execute a program, and then partner with them to improve results is what makes my job so exciting.

As we go into the new year, I hope all of you are having fun at your jobs or quickly find a new job if your unemployed.

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