Where Are My Land Legs

I just got back from our “annual” Disney Cruise realizing that this vacation of 8 nights was the longest vacation I have ever taken.  Anyways, less that 24 hours later, I was back on a plane and jumping into meetings.  I still haven’t quite got my land legs  back.

But, I am anxious to share lots of things with you so hopefully, I will find some time this week to catch up on blogging.

A few things from vacation:

  1. It is amazing the redundancy and rigor that a company like Disney has.  We love the cruises.  I was amazed to learn that for the stage productions they put on on the boat that they have 2 microphones and 2 batteries for each actor.  And, if that’s not enough, they have their voices recorded for each part so they could lip synch if everything failed.  Why don’t we have that type of redundancy (without adding cost) in the healthcare system?
  2. I always lose faith in the healthcare system when I see the advertisement at the airport showing a physician signing the foot on which surgery is going to be performed.  Is that the best way we have of ensuring no mistakes are made?
  3. On the boat, you have to wash your hands before you enter any restaurant.  It would certainly take away from the ambiance, but should that be a more regular practice on land?
  4. They have a nice gym on board that I used 3 times.  They even run a 5K now at their island (on some not all cruises).  It made me wonder what percentage of the people on board worked out and whether that was a similar ratio to typical life and society.  If so, it reinforces one of our major challenges.
  5. How about some healthy food at airports?  I am surprised I haven’t ranted about this before.  It is getting better at a few airports where you can find a few things, but it is genuinely difficult to travel and eat healthy.

2 Responses to “Where Are My Land Legs”

  1. Nice post! It made me think back to Fred Lee’s book titled “If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 1/2 Things You Would Do Differently.” If you haven’t read it, you ought to check it out.
    Dan Dunlop

  2. Good blog George – I’ll start to follow. Perhaps you’ll do the same to mine – check it out http://www.hospitalbranding.blogspot.com
    Rob Rosenberg
    Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy

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