Gartner’s Predictions

Gartner put out there top 10 predictions.  Three of them stood out to me as relevant for what I like to discuss.

By 2012, successful enterprises will actively encourage and reward more failures in order to find the optimal approach they want more quickly.

By year end 2013, 40 percent of enterprise knowledge workers will have abandoned or removed their desk phone.

By the end of next year 2010, wireless operators will cease to offer unlimited (flat-rate) mobile data plans.

Rewarding failure…finally.  This is how healthcare will learn and improve.  As consumerism continues to dominate, it is going to be more and more important to test new ideas quickly realizing that many will fail before we “solve” the problem.  Everyone is always looking for the silver bullet which usually doesn’t exist.  AND, if it does, it’s often temporary as things change both with the patient’s condition and/or with the treatment options that they have.

The death of the desk phone is rapidly happening today.  I like to have one when I am in the office, but if I make 30 calls a month from my desk phone, I would be amazed.  I don’t even have voicemail set-up.  Any calls just get forwarded to my mobile phone.

No more unlimited plans…That would be unfortunate.  Talk about driving adoption and then taking away the incentive.  The convenience of the mobile devices blended with the low cost has created an “addicted” culture that loves their phones.  As the economy lags, I would see this trend having a negative impact or being completely met with negative reaction creating opportunity for new players.

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