Debate And Real-Time Changes

As he typically does, e-patient Dave has started a very interesting discussion on sites like Medpedia and the concept of participatory medicine. As Dave and others have shown, information flows slowly such that physicians (or others) cannot digest all of it and be constantly up to date on everything. Patients facing a chronic or life-threatening condition are motivated to do a deep dive on one topic.

Finding, sharing, and having access to information that is relevant, timely, and peer-reviewed (by patients and professionals) is critical.

“Participatory medicine is a phenomenon similar to citizen/network journalism where everyone, including the professionals and their target audiences, works in partnership to produce accurate, in-depth & current information items. It is not about patients or amateurs vs. professionals. Participatory medicine is, like all contemporary knowledge-building activities, a collaborative venture. Medical knowledge is a network.” (Wikipedia)

The posting and comments are interesting and demonstrate the power of web 2.0 where the founder of Medpedia comments and even makes some real-time changes to address the patients and professionals weighing in on the discussion.

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