Marathon / Triathalon Deaths Per Million

An article that came out yesterday points out that there is a much higher risk of heart problems in the triathalon especially around jumping into the cold water for the open swim.  It puts the deaths per million participants at 15 compared to 4-8 deaths per million marathon participants.  Certainly, if you are jumping into either sport, you should train appropriately and talk with your physician about any concerns or ideally get checked out for any potential heart complications.

But, I think it’s also important to put these in perspective.  According to FARS (Fatality Analysis Reporting System), the statistics on fatalities from car accidents are:

  • 13.61 per 100,000 people
  • 16.05 per 100,000 registered vehicles
  • 19.96 per 100,000 licensed drivers

One Response to “Marathon / Triathalon Deaths Per Million”

  1. But the evidence appears to be mounting that long-duration, steady-state exercise (i.e. “aerobic”) is not good for you in large amounts, like the amounts that marathon runners and triathletes endure. Low sex hormones, deteriorating joints, weakened immune systems, muscle wasting, chronic fatigue, crippling injuries, etc. These are all part of the lives of endurance athletes. No thanks!

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