Communication Evolution

I was thinking this morning about how communications evolve. Here are a few examples from the past few years:

1. Caller-ID replacing voicemail.
2. E-mails replacing memos (and getting much longer).
3. SMS and Twitter replacing e-mail.
4. Scanning replacing faxing.
5. Facebook replacing online photo albums.
6. Evite replacing invitations (with mixed success).
7. Twitter beginning to replace news clipping services.
8. Craigslist replacing newpaper listings.
9. Websites replacing brochures.
10. Virtual conferences eroding attendance at physical conferences.

2 Responses to “Communication Evolution”

  1. All great ideas but I would also add another item to it: consider doing a virtual event/meeting. Virtual events and meetings are a great way to stay in front of customers, generate new leads and help close business already in the pipeline. These solutions are being deployed so rapidly by companies that the market is projected to exceed $18 billion by 2015. If you are interested in how you can use virtual environments attend the Virtual Edge Summit Feb. 22-23 (virtually or in-person if you are in/near Silicon Valley). There is no registration fee if you take a short survey.

    Virtual Edge Summit 2010 is the only event that focuses exclusively on providing education, training and solutions for planning and producing virtual events, meetings and communities. Over 2 days, 80 experts will share their experience with you, and be available for one-on-ones. The event also offers a rich program for featuring experts from Cisco, Stanford, IBM, Disney SAP, Oracle, Intel as well as top virtual technology and service providers like InXpo, ON24, 6Connex, Stream57, CGS VirtualEvents365, George P. Johnson, Unisfair and Digitell.

    When: February 22-23, 2010 8am until 6pm

    Where: At the Santa Clara Convention Center in California and virtually in browser based virtual environments offering 2D and 3D experiences.

    Register at

  2. additionally, how about telephone appointment reminders now coming via email! From haircuts appointments to doctor appointments – all mine come via email!

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