Why Frameworks Matter

I hope you all had a good Fourth of July. One thing I always think about this time of year is my perception of fireworks. I’ve never been a big fan.

Of course, like most young boys, I had my fascination with fireworks, but after two incidents, I began to view them as more dangerous.

When I was about 10, I had a pack of firecrackers go off right near my ear just as I threw them. Then, in high school, I remember watching bottle rockets hit someone’s house and worrying about it catching fire (which it didn’t).

Why should you care (this is a health care blog – right)?

I think it’s important because our frameworks about going to the doctor, going to the dentist, eating healthy, exercising, preventative care, and so many other things are set in place as we grow up. As a parent, you need to think about the example you are creating. As a communicator to the patient later in life, you need to think about what their attitudes are towards health.

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