Using Analytics To Improve Health Outcomes

One area where healthcare has definitely lagged other industries like consumer products and financial services has been in the area of analytics. Silverlink Communications is the first company to bring analytics to the area of healthcare communications.

We have been doing this for years and focus on the different ways to use analytics to improve results. This is not simply custom reporting which is what lots of people mean when they talk about analytics. And, it’s a lot more than simply best practices like co-branded communications (i.e., employer plus health plan) work better than communications simply from a health plan to a member (patient / consumer).

Interested in learning more…We are hosting a webinar series this month that might interest you. The first one is tomorrow.

It includes Stephen Baker who wrote The Numerati; Kinney Zalesne who wrote Microtrends; and Tom Davenport who wrote Competing on Analytics. You can register here.

If you enjoy this topic, I would also encourage you to register and read our white paper on Adaptive HealthComm Science (which is what we call our approach to healthcare analytics for communications). We also have a video on engaging consumers in their healthcare. Both can be found at the bottom of our homepage at

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