Generational Differences On Health Reform

I heard it today from CNN and then separately from an analyst who covers Medicare.  They both were talking about the differences in support for health reform based on age.

The CNN reporter and interviewee were talking about how seniors see health reform as taking away from Medicare and are therefore not supportive.  Seniors are generally happy with what they have.  On the flipside, they were saying that younger people are skeptical that there will be a system there to support them so they want health reform.

It’s interesting since that was different than the research that the analyst shared with me.  She said that they found that seniors were from the generation that was saved by the government during the depression, and they trust the government.  On the flipside, she said that they found that those about to be seniors were from the generation that felt the government let them down in Vietnam and have little trust in a government solution. 

I think it just points to the need to understand the consumer and drive messaging that appeals to their different backgrounds.  Politics has done this for years.  Consumer products have done this for years.  Healthcare is now focused on it.  This is just another example of why it’s important.

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