Waiting In Line For Flu Shots



Over the weekend, we went to get flu shots.  I was amazed at how many people showed up.  The flu shot clinic was supposed to open at 9am.  We got there at 8:30 to a line of at least 100 people.  Fortunately, they opened early and we got out by 9:00, but as we left there was a line of several hundred people out the door and down the sidewalk.  Amazing!

I saw a story on the news earlier showing a 3-hour line to get H1N1 shots in Michigan.  This is out of control.

One Response to “Waiting In Line For Flu Shots”

  1. The Kaiser clinic in Lafayette, Colorado was geared up for large-scale vaccination volume as we went by this weekend. Large flashing message signs along the highway, police detail for traffic handling. Activity appeared brisk but not entirely out of control. I’ve already encountered 5+ people here in Boulder (one of the “healthier” places in the US) who have had H1N1-like symptoms over the last 14 days. Unreal.

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