24 Hour Pharmacy – Yes or No

It’s interesting to watch one of the local Walgreens pharmacies go back and forth on this issue.  For years, it was a 24-hour pharmacy and a place that I admitted used several times at random hours.  It then went to normal pharmacy hours for less than 6 months.  It is now back to a 24-hour site.

I’d love to see the analysis on that.

  • Did customers complain?
  • How many scripts really get filled after hours?
  • Does it pay to stay open or is it a marketing strategy?
  • Alternatively, can they use it as a “central fill” and fill scripts to ship to other Walgreens that aren’t open overnight thereby reducing their workload during the day?
  • What percentage of their stores will be open 24-hours?
  • How many other stores did they convert from 24-hours?  Are they all moving back to 24-hours also?

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