RoadID for your athlete

Here’s a simple, yet valuable gift for your athletic spouse, friend, co-worker – RoadID

This is something you can wear or put on your shoes so that if you get into an accident while you’re working out (i.e., road running, biking, hiking) people can contact someone for you.  I think it’s great.  I was skeptical of the need for it for a while, but I realize that accidents do happen.

They’ve now come out with RoadID interactive.  I have mixed impressions.  It’s great in that you can log information into an online profile – addresses, contacts, physicians, medical information, insurance coverage, etc.  If you’re in a horrible accident, all of that would be good to have.  And, the reality is that you control how much is there.  But, I’m still a generally paranoid person so I would worry about someone stealing my shoes and all of a sudden having access to my information.

[Too bad you couldn’t make it so that it was only enabled if some of your vitals signs were off and transmitted via a sensor to the site to unlock the information.  That would be cool!]

2 Responses to “RoadID for your athlete”

  1. Cool product. Thanks for sharing.

    Also consider the simple approach of adding ICE (in case of emergency) as a contact in your cell phone.

  2. The online version seems like a clear case of functionality cramming – putting a lot of extra features into a product that few will be likely to pay for.

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