Band-Aid To Monitor Your Heart

Let’s stick with today’s examples that can be extrapolated to the future.  [Good Sunday am thinking]

I was reading in Fast Company [Dec 09 / Jan 10] about Corventis’ PiiX monitor. 

It’s a “wireless, water-resistant sensor that sticks to a patient’s chest like a large Band-Aid and monitors heart rate, respiratory rate, bodily fluids, and overall activity.”

Interesting!   I see an immediate use for this in team sports like the Tour de France where it can be monitored by a team manager and used to push fluids or encourage a change in pattern.  But, as the company talks about, imagine the power of using predictive algorithms here to know when someone may be in danger of a heart attack or some other medical issue. 

As devices like this become standard and are used to monitor our key bodily statistics and used, will we become healthier?  Again, will companies be able to use these to help guide our decisions through incentives – lower health care costs, lower life insurance costs?

I think as the data from these get transmitted electronically and populate PHRs and EMRs and get used by clinicians it will be very interesting to see how they change outcomes.

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