Walgreens to Imitate CVS

Certainly not a statement that the corporate guys would ever say, and I was pretty surprised to hear a store employee say it.  But, just down the street at my local Walgreens, the clerk stated that they were getting ready to do a store redesign.  With the first CVS stores opening in St. Louis, he said they were losing business and believed that store design had something to do with it.  He said they were going to cut back on their number of items and reduce the height of the shelves.

True?  I don’t know.  It would surprise me that if this was true that it hadn’t been figured out long ago.  This obviously isn’t the first time that CVS and Walgreens have competed.

The other thing that was interesting is he said that with the CVS pharmacy open 24-hours (especially on weekends) they were getting a lot more people who were frustrated and saying they were taking their business to CVS.  (Never mind that fact that before you get to CVS there is a 24-hour Walgreens.)  Interesting perspective from the field.

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