Communications Key To Mandatory Mail

I had an interesting question today about whether I thought mandatory mail would make a comeback.  I haven’t heard much lately about mandatory mail.  Rather than mandatory mail, I hear more people talking about restricted networks or programs like Maintenance Choice.  The follow-up to the question was why clients don’t implement mandatory mail.  It’s an easy question…they don’t implement mandatory mail because it’s disruptive.

So, how can clients make it less disruptive?  Use communications.  No one likes change.  But, people who understand change and why change is happening are less likely to be upset.  (BTW – You’ll never make everyone happy.)  So, why don’t people use communications with mandatory mail?  Because they see it as an unnecessary expense since those people will be forced to mail anyways.  That’s old school.

If you effectively communicate with members before the plan is implemented and each time they fill a prescription at retail, you can make it an easier process.  The goal should be to drive adoption of the plan and avoid point-of-sale (POS) rejects which might impact adherence.

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