Are You Pouring On The Pounds?

Now here’s an example of an ad campaign from NY that my change the way you think about soda.

And, from a recent article in Fast Company:

  • Drinking one can of soda per day can add as much as 10 pounds to your weight in a single year
  • People do not eat less food when the drink more calories…these are just more calories.
  • For every glass of sugared beverage consumed per day, the likelihood of a child become obese increases by 60%

“Snickers is a nutritional wonderland compared to a Coke.”

As someone who has evolved from a 12-pack of Mountain Dew per day in college to 7 Diet Cokes per day until a few years ago to 1-2 Cokes per day now, this may finally push me over the edge.  [Although I did go to zero per day for a year, and my weight didn’t change at all.]

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